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Design is driven by the needs of the small trader

Your services are what our readers are looking for

The cost of advertising can be a serious burden to a small trader but it is necessary - your customers need to know who you are and where to reach you.
By adopting a straightforward design, we can keep costs low. We combine high quality production values with prices that make advertising affordable for all local businesses.
Our format is perfect for tradespeople but is also ideal for local shops - we are very focused on the local area and our readers can be confident that what we tell them about is available on their doorstep.

Flexibility is the key to a user friendly service for our advertisers

Putting you in the driving seat

One of the strengths of Trade Link is our flexibility. We do not expect our customers to sign up for a run of advertisements, if you want to advertise just once - perhaps because your work is seasonal or you are planning a sale - then that is absolutely fine.
The flexibility extends to the size of your advertisement. We can cater for small advertisements right up to full pages. Our face-to-face service means we will discuss your needs directly with you and then design an advertisement based on what you want. You proof the advertisement and specify changes at any step - you do not pay a penny until you are happy with what has been produced.
The service includes any photography that you need or, if you prefer, we have access to an extensive image library for both pictures and graphics, which is all included in the price of your advertisement.
You can also be sure about the cost - we have a straightforward and clear pricing structure with discounts for multiple bookings. Visit the 'Advertising Rates' section by following the link on the left for more information.

Building on experience in the market place

Publisher: David Edwards

Trade Link is brought to you by David Edwards, a former newspaper editor and now an independent publisher.